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Welcome to the Pantego Christian Academy Athletic Program!

Your interest in our school is greatly appreciated. PCA provides a wide variety of athletic opportunities for students in grades 7-12. We compete in twelve interscholastic sports through 35 varsity and sub-varsity teams. Through the years our athletic program has experienced tremendous success, winning thirteen state championships and two All-Sport championships. While results are important, we always strive to keep winning in perspective with the goals of our program.

The primary purpose of the athletic program at Pantego Christian Academy is to help young men and women become more Christ-like. Coaching is one of the few professions today that still provides one with the incredible opportunity and responsibility of molding young lives by teaching positive, Christian values.

Participation in athletics prepares a person for the Christian life in a society based on competition and excellence. An athlete who commits himself to excellence and learns to deal with success and failure on the playing field will carry this ability with him throughout his life. The goal of an athletic program should be the development and welfare of Christian character traits. It should develop an athlete physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially and in so doing, bring the young person closer to God.

Physically, athletics provides the athlete with the opportunity to develop to his full potential, including the ability to go beyond the limits of normal endurance.

Emotionally, the athlete learns to control himself under pressure. In a single contest, the athlete may need to deal with elation, frustration, anger, and fear.

Intellectually, the athlete develops and exercises his mind as he learns and uses the rules, strategies, and plays of the game. He develops mental toughness when he learns that his body can withstand considerable punishment.

Finally, an athlete develops socially. He learns to submit to authority as he interacts with the coaching staff and operates under the regulations of the game. Through team play he learns cooperation, communication and loyalty as he and his teammates strive toward a common goal.

At Pantego Christian Academy, all of these traits are developed in a positive Christ-centered environment. Our primary goal is to develop a program that is not only competitive, but would ultimately glorify Jesus Christ and be a positive experience for all who participate in it.


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